WordPress fun and my first photoshoot from January 2019

It’s been a good while since I uploaded any photos to my portfolio. TODAY I CHANGED THAT! The process to balance 33 photos took about two hours. Luckily, I picked up spicy hot wings for the course. The photoshoot was in January 2019. Such a long time ago. My friend twinthronescosplay has always been there to support my work. I am very grateful for her support. The portfolio entry was her wig dye of Punk Sailor Mercury. Her wig dyes are beautiful!

Now comes the easy part, uploaded the photos. NOPE! WordPress has changed so much. I’m glad there is the option to revert to “Classic” mode. The amount of control you have over your content is to much better. I know they are trying to make the platform more user friendly, but I am not a novice and did not appreciate the “Free upgrade”. Oh well. It works now.


2020 Funk

Oh boy. 2020 has completely obliterated the 2020 convention season. I need to catch up on photographs from 2019. I plan to take my time this week uploading the photos from 2019. I have a butt load!

I also updated the pricing section ( I removed a few categories and adjusted pricing to reflect the 2019 pricing from the previous post.

-Alberto S.